• Are you suffering from Leaky pets that spread little or big traces of urine, which make your nose Hairs to curl and tingle?
  • Do you think you need to get rid of this wretch odor from your home?

If you refer to these questions, we need to talk. But, RIGHT NOW! We have a solution to your smelly pet urine odor problem. Whether it’s on your carpet, oriental rugs, furniture or mattresses. We can help.

We are professionals, and we very well know the nature of the beast. So, there is some good news– You are not alone. Almost 75% of our loyal and enthusiastic customers are suffering from this ongoing and annoying problem.

Rely on us in solving your urine and odor problem. Well, this is not for you, of course, but your four-legged family member you have in your home.

At Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia, we have the ultimate and training ground with three dogs, one of which is 14 and wears diapers. No matter what type of dog, cat or other animal you may have, they are contributing in at least one way, shape or form to the soil in your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia, a specialize company in urine and pet odor removal. We use a team of safe products and employ IICRC certified technicians to tackle, even the most severe urine and odor problem.

Contamination of urine is a serious matter and must be resolved in time. Call Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia today for your free no estimate or consultation.