When it comes to cleaning of the rug, do not settle for anything less than a professional carpet cleaning. Of course, it can be tempting to solve the problem by yourself, but the plan could backfire on you. Why? Because rugs require a gentle, but an effective cleaning approach.

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia is a professional carpet cleaner that has qualified technicians, who know how to handle delicate rug fibers of your rug. Unfortunately, many people are trying to clean their rugs themselves, but doing this on their own can damage the rug because they applied too hard or they used a wrong cleaning solution on the rug. Your rugs are too exclusive and expensive to take such risk.


Hence, Leave it to the hands of professionals

At Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia, we know that every rug cleaning situation is different. Therefore, we first make a thorough analysis of your rug, noting all parts that are very dirty or high traffic area that may need urgent attention. We want to ensure that which cleaning solution is the best for a particular rug, and then combine it with our technology team for optimal results. We use the same method of steaming on your rug that we regularly use for all carpet cleaning services. It is very effective, and the beauty of the rug will be restored.

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia knows what is best for your rug. We manufacture equipment. We train people. We offer superior service you can trust. After a decade experience in the cleaning industry, there is no reason to risk your rug cleaning with someone else.

Best of all, we will do the task while you are relaxing. Just say adios to stains, spills and dirt. When your professional rug cleaning is completed, your rug will be as good as new.